The Principles Of Disinfecting

We are certain cleaning is not a foreign concept to most individuals as its apart of life. So we created a checklist of the basic fundamentals required before you embark on disinfecting a space. Usually if you have to disinfect a space its due to a contamination or trying to prevent the build up of unwanted germs, bacteria and viruses. In commercial settings, the processes involved with disinfecting are very intense and time consuming, hence the professionals are called in to handle the issue. The principles outlined in this article will focus primarily on disinfecting residential spaces.

Safety First

Even during a regular household cleaning event safety must be taken seriously, most concentrated cleaning chemicals could be harmful. Disinfecting a space is a form of “deep cleaning” and require you to wear proper protection to guard from contaminants or toxic elements you could encounter. Below is a list of basic protection elements you will need to incorporate in your attire before starting.

Mask – Depending on the size or configuration of the space to be disinfected a mask will be required to protect you from inhaling dust, toxins, bacteria etc. We always recommend wearing a mask during a deep or specialized clean.

Gloves – Always required for any cleaning job. Disposable commercial grade latex gloves are preferred for a specialized cleaning situation but if not available multi-use washable latex gloves can be used. Ensure you wash the multi-use gloves after every space you clean.

Clothes – Please don’t clean in your most expensive attire! wear something that is comfortable and can be washed immediately after the cleaning process. We find that wearing an apron will help dramatically with the contamination and mess on your clothes.

The Shoes – Like we mentioned before wear something comfy! But make sure you wear disposable shoe covers. The intent is not to spread the contamination.

Time to Clean

First you will need to perform a basic clean of the space and surfaces within. Take the necessary steps to remove excessive dust, dirt, grease or debris with the necessary eco-friendly cleaning agent. For dirt or grease buildup ensure the area is properly cleaned before you start to disinfect the target areas. Ensure the you use designated anti-microbial cleaning cloth and equipment for each specific area. (color coded mop and rags will help)

Now Disinfect!

You will need the appropriate eco-friendly cleaning chemicals to disinfect the targeted areas your cleaning. A great tip on how to disinfect a spaces, is not to cross contaminate your cleaning tools. Hence, we recommend using color coded cloths, mops or dusters for each space. Have one designated anti-microbial cleaning cloth that is different from the cloth that you used previously to preform the basic clean, make sure the disinfecting equipment is also easily identified. As the disinfecting equipment will be used throughout the spaces to be cleaned.

Target Areas

High touch surfaces, bathroom surface, kitchen appliances & surfaces, upholstery, porous surfaces, Mats, carpets, rugs and furniture.