The Art of Organizing

The art of organizing is a very personal thing, no two person has the same strategy to organize any item or task. Our goal is not to tell you how to organize your space but to point out some fundamentals to the processes involved with performing the task.

A core principle in organizing any task or space is to create a system. If you create a systematic order that you and others can recognize the task will be made simpler. This system can be developed based on color, size, labels, item type or location which each item will be stowed. With a proper system in place, another key strategy to pay attention to is the volume of items to be organized versus the space available.

Often you will have more items or possessions that can fit in a particular storage location. If you find yourself in this dilemma, the two most obvious solutions are to downsize your items or get a bigger storage area that can fit what you need to store. It doesn’t matter what you need to organize within your working or living spaces, when properly ordered it can contribute to your mental wellness. Think about how ecstatic you feel after your messy spaces got cleaned and tidy. A well organized space promotes healthy living!