Pre-Occupancy Cleaning Service

We know the processes of constructing a building are very complex and daunting. We formulated a environmentally friendly cleaning package designed specifically to help building contractors deliver a healthy and clean building to their clients. AMAH’s Pre-Occupancy cleaning help alleviate the cleaning stress from the contractor in order to deliver a turn- key building. Our Preoccupancy green clean is most effective after the building is deem substantially complete or close to final completion and require a rigorous clean before the building occupants move in.

We believe it is important that before the occupants enter any space within a building that was previously under construction, be “air flushed” and properly cleaned. This is to ensure that volatile organic compounds and other harmful chemicals used during construction are dispelled in the correct manner.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average person spends approximately 87% of their lifetime indoors. This means it critical that when spaces are created and existing buildings are used, they are built or maintained to sustain healthy living.