Move In/Out Cleaning

We understand that the stresses involved in moving in or out of a home can be very intense. Change in life is inevitable and we can offer our expertise to help ease some of the pressures involved in relocating by cleaning your house, apartment or condominium. AMAH’s eco-friendly cleaning techniques will ensure that the spaces you leave or move into are well cleaned, non toxic and allow you to transition with confidence. We can take the burden of cleaning off your hands while you move.

If your Landlord or AirBnB operator and need cleaning before or after a tenant uses your facility, our Move In/Out cleaning service is here for you as well. The service is designed to give our clients a deep detailed clean of each space. Yes our services involves vacuuming, dusting, wiping various surfaces, mopping, and sanitization but we go the extra mile to ensure we get every nook and corner rid of dirt, dust or grime.

Our goal is to make the occupants of each space feels as if it was just built.