Kitchen Cleaning Strategies

Kitchens are a vital part of any home, even in a commercial setting the kitchen create the reasons people gather and make memories. Food has always been one of the focal point to most gatherings, a meal has the tendency to bring people together. Without saying creating a meal, either large or small, its going to be messy. Cleaning will be required during and after the creation of the memorable meal. In many setting a kitchen is usually a high traffic and usually used in relatively high volume. Like a restroom a kitchen has to potential to harbor dangerous bacteria and germs that can be harmful. It doesn’t matter if the kitchen is public or in a private setting, the cleaning required could be an extensive task, the differences are outlined in the intensity of the clean require.

For residential kitchens, we recommend cleaning the kitchen before and after every use. This includes counter tops, sink, floor and appliances, especially your stove. Occasionally you should also schedule a deep clean session of your appliances and general kitchen area.

From a commercial kitchen perspective, cleaning is much more complex. Commercial kitchens must abide by health standards and cleaned on a daily basis. Such kitchens must have dedicated cleaning equipment with strategic protocols on cleaning requirements to ensure public health and safety are no compromised. We recommend that a commercial kitchen undergo daily cleaning with the appropriate eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This include but not limited to the floors, counter surfaces, appliances and sinks.

No matter what type of kitchen you are in cleaning is essential, a daily clean will help tremendously.