Bleach vs Hydrogen Peroxide

Recent studies have brought to light the fact that personal & homecare products with ingredients such as ethanol, bleach, ammonia, parabens and quaternary ammonium can cause serious health issues overtime. These health complications include but not limited to: skin irritation, damage to your organs, endocrine disruption, a wide range of respiratory issues and potential poisoning if ingested. In fact the FDA recently banned the use of Triclosan due to its adverse effects with bacterial cultures, Triclosan was used in popular skin care products as an antibacterial.

Given that bleach is a common part of many persons cleaning plan, our goal is to shed some light on the fact that it can hurt your household, pets and commercial environs. Some great alternates to bleach are Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar, lemon/ limes and baking soda to name a few. Hydrogen Peroxide cleaning products are becoming the norm, these days as many major brands are investing in healthier options for household and skincare products. We could go on and on about the risks of using bleach and other toxins or even elaborate extensively on the impacts these ingredients have on our water streams and food when used in mass volumes. At this point you have an idea how you and the environment are at risk. We know that smell of bleach often times illustrate the notion that a space or surface is clean. However, its slowly hurting you. The great thing is, in todays world you now have options.