5 Tips for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Proper Preparation – A good practice before you start any cleaning, is to ensure that you have the proper protective gear, cleaning products, and equipment. For starters, you will need proper cleaning gloves, the right cleaning products for each element to be cleaned (ie. The tub, shower, toilet, vanity etc.), a mop with bucket, and a few antimicrobial microfiber cleaning towels. We always recommend using eco-friendly cleaning products, microfiber mops and antimicrobial microfiber cleaning towels. Make sure the equipment (mop, towels etc.) you use to clean the bathroom is only used in that area. Hence you would have a different set of cleaning equipment for the other spaces in the building. We believe this will help with bacterial cross contamination that could potentially cause health problems.

Deal with the Tub/Shower first!– Since the tub or the shower is usually the largest area to be cleaned other than your floor, start there first. Get a spray bottle with the appropriate cleaning solution to deal with the show/ tub walls (a good tip is to spray the wall and shower/tub floor surface at least 10 minutes before you actually clean). Time to roll your sleeves up and dig in, turn the water on and wash away all the mess with a brush!

Clean the toilet properly – Your toilet is potentially the most bacteria infested place in you house or commercial space. Find a good toilet cleaning solvent and brush the inner areas of the toilet. On the outer parts, spray apply the necessary solvent and damp wipe the bowl, tank and seat areas. Be sure to flush the toilet before you start the cleaning process, this is to make certain that your not applying toilet solvent to contaminated water.

Wipe, mop and organize – Now that you got the shower/tub and the toilet out of the way, time to focus on the vanity, mirrors, floor and other surfaces. Proceed with giving theses areas a standard clean but we recommend dealing with the floors last. This will prevent you creating “mud” within the space you just mopped.

Maintain your cleaning equipment- The final step is the most important. Bathrooms have a serious amount of germs and bacteria for obvious reasons. Your cleaning equipment is as effective as how it is maintained, hence one of the reasons we recommend having dedicated cleaning equipment for rest rooms. Thoroughly clean mops, towels and other cleaning equipment after every cleaning session but dry the cleaning gear properly before you stow them.